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The internet and cloud technology is changing the way companies and individuals accomplish a variety of tasks. Last week GTI shared an article by AmericanMachinist.com discussing the impact the cloud has made on manufacturing performance. In this post GTI will share some of the cloud technologies we use to be a more productive and streamlined …

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This month GTI Predictive is introducing two new products; both of which will be on display during MARCON 2015 at booth 15. MARCON is held in Knoxville, TN from February 23rd to 26th. Our recently introduced ultrasonic sensor for iPad will be at the booth along with our new pocket-sized thermography camera. The ultrasonic sensor …

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GTI Predictive Technology presents the first in our new series, Top 6 Tactics to Prevent Machine Failure. Introduction In the Maintenance & Reliability community we discuss at length strategies and methods for preventing and predicting machine failure. There are many presentations, books and consultants available to teach the strategies for Predictive and Reliability-Centered maintenance programs. …

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