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With both predictive maintenance solutions and IIoT continuing to grow in popularity, it’s important to reflect on their utilization in 2018 to identify future trends and usage rates as we approach 2019. After reviewing industry survey results and analyzing the scale of IIoT development, it is clear that both manufacturing and machine maintenance will become more and more automated.

Predictive Maintenance Current Outlook

According to a survey conducted by Plant Services, 2018 has been a year of relative optimism amongst manufacturers regarding predictive maintenance. Compared to 2017 results, the number of respondents that reported they currently employ remote machine monitoring technologies or services increased from 18.6% to 25.4%. In addition, the percentage of manufacturers that plan to utilize remote maintenance technologies within the next three years is up from 15% to 27.1%. When considering the additional confidence that executives now have in these technologies, it is evident that adoption rates will continue into 2019 and beyond.

IIoT Growth

When you consider that almost 60% of all manufacturing tasks can be automated, it’s no surprise that IIoT is expected to continue impacting a variety of industries. More than just an industry 4.0 buzzword, global management consulting and professional services firm Accenture estimates that IIoT could contribute an astounding $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Despite future projections and a high percentage of executives recognizing their potential in the predictive maintenance landscape, there are some aspects of IIoT that are less likely to be adopted, like robotic-assisted repairs.

IIoT Predictive Maintenance Barriers

As IIoT and predictive maintenance technologies grow more advanced and accessible, many manufacturers have identified several barriers to complete adoption. Understanding how the two technologies interact remains a top concern. Currently, 50% of manufacturing professionals report that their plant staff fails to recognize the potential that IIoT predictive maintenance has, further exemplifying this knowledge gap. Manufacturers have also identified a skill shortage of data scientists as an additional inhibitor to harnessing the power of machine analytics.

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