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Where manufacturing downtime was once unavoidable, revolutionary technologies like IIoT and M2M communication have significantly enhanced the way organizations approach machine maintenance. As opposed to employing reactive strategies, manufacturers can now access advanced analytics and remotely monitor a machine’s condition without disrupting production schedules and compromising technician safety.

Today, manufacturers can see the full picture of asset health and identify faults before they result in a complete breakdown. In this sense, technicians can pinpoint at-risk machines and resolve issues on an individual basis as opposed to servicing every machine under a preventive strategy and incurring the costs of widespread planned downtime.

By utilizing IIoT-enabled sensors and predictive maintenance solutions like GTI Predictive Technology’s VibePro 24/7, manufacturers can save money by minimizing downtime and maximizing production efficiency.


As the most advanced turnkey wireless solution for continuous asset monitoring, VibePro 24/7 utilizes a 3-axis acceleration and temperature sensor to provide technicians with real-time equipment health data. Designed for demanding environments, the sensor employs the latest in IIoT and M2M monitoring technology to deliver cutting-edge analytics remotely via expanded antenna. Complete with an online application and base station, manufacturers can receive data from multiple sensors on established plant networks, meaning that asset condition and predictive data are available from any internet connected device, 24/7. Not limited to an individual plant, this enterprise solution provides complete visibility into the entire operation from anywhere in the world.

Case Study

A large ceiling manufacturer was using the VibePro 24/7 on their flex line equalizer cutting head spindles when a change had been made to one of the cutting heads over the weekend. When production resumed, key individuals responsible for the machine received a “Velocity Over Limit Alarm” email from the VibePro 24/7 system. 

The VibePro 24/7 Web App revealed that the system went over the ideal velocity limit and spectrum measurement with the 1X Running Speed over 0.95 ips, a clear indicator of an imbalance condition. 

Since identifying this issue, they have installed additional sensors for all the cutting head spindles on their equalizer machine and are working with the manufacturer to resolve the imbalance problem. With the VibePro 24/7, this customer can continuously monitor the balance quality of the cutting heads from the manufacturer, and the effect on the bearings over time, rectifying faults before they become actual problems and saving the plant from costly downtime expenses.

Take advantage of today’s technological advancements and harness the power of IIoT and predictive solutions. Avoid downtime and maximize production efficiency with GTI Predictive Technology. Contact us today to learn more about the VibePro 24/7 and other predictive maintenance tools.

About GTI Predictive Technology

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