iPad Empowered Predictive Maintenance.

GTI Predictive Technology offers excellent on-site service and cutting-edge tools to help you control your predictive maintenance program. From vibration analysis to balancing, alignment and thermography analysis, GTI is ready to meet your needs. With GTI’s innovative technology, you can power our predictive analysis tools on an iPad that we have transformed into a powerful data collector and field balancing tool. All of our iPad-powered services feature advanced software and hardware add-ons. Check out our introduction video to see our services at work.

VibePro 7

GTI's latest vibration analyzer software release, VibePro 7 improves on the already great VibePro application used for route data collection, reporting and trending. The latest update includes high-resolution mode, more advanced route editing capabilities, custom value data capture/trending, and a machine point library for faster route creation. VibePro makes the iPad one of the best and most intuitive data collectors available. Watch the VibePro 7 Tutorial in the sidebar to learn more!

Wireless Dual Channel Accelerometer

The iPad Vibration Analyzer is now wireless with the new dual channel wireless accelerometer. It is the only product of its kind to offer balancing wirelessly enabling easier than ever field balancing. The wireless setup makes GTI's iPad Platform the ideal data collector. The accelerometer is waterproof enabling a great permanent mount setup with the integrated USB input for external power solutions.

Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance Services

GTI Predictive Technology provides an exceptional array of services involving predictive maintenance. From vibration analysis to balancing and thermography, GTI is ready to serve you. All of our vibration analysis services use our modern iPad system. This system utilizes cloud storage, instant data sharing, multi-touch interfaces, specially-coded software, solid battery life and much more to make our vibration analysis services truly unique.

At GTI, we specialize in maintenance routes, vibration analysis services, vibration testing services, wireless vibration monitoring services, balancing and thermography analysis. Contact one of our professional staff members today to learn how we can help you!

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About Us

As a subsidiary of GTI Spindle Technology, we understand the requirements that are needed to monitor nearly any asset. Our passion for helping others through predictive maintenance allows us to continue to improve our products based on real customer demand. Our predictive analysis tools now work with all types of rotating machines such as pumps, motors, fans, blowers and more. GTI Predictive Technology sells predictive maintenance systems for all types of customers in in many different industries.